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S🚫CIAL Media ISN'T the Primary Podcast SOLUTION 🎙️

Creating a podcast consistently is only part of the equation. Marketing the podcast is a must once the episode is created. Actually, marketing (or a plan for marketing) should come long before publishing the episode. This is week two in a discussion on ways to market your podcasts (you can read last week's discussion on podcast marketing here). You will be surprised at what I note as the least effective today, and thus last on the list.

Before we jump into these methods, check out what marketing strategist and three-time solopreneur Adriana Tica shared about the Podcast Prep newsletter:

Adriana is a brilliant marketer. I learn from her daily on LinkedIn and in her phenomenal Ideas to Power Your Future newsletter.

Now, onto the marketing methods!

Your Email List

Email is a means of talking with your customers and community which is uninhibited by a social media intermediary. Everyone on your email list may not be a podcast listener, however, some will be. If they are on your email list, you have already built some level of trust with them through regular communication. They are much more likely to listen to something recommended by you than they would just searching on their own.

When you promote your show through email, include a summary of the episode with the name of the guest, a link to the episode, and one or two key takeaways to pique the reader's interest. You can include artwork or imagery if you would like, but it is not a requirement.

At the bottom of this email is an example of what I include to promote each of my podcast episodes. Before going back to your inbox, make sure to scroll down to see how I do it. 😁

Other People's Email Lists

With other email lists, you get the same benefit of direct to subscriber communication which you enjoy with your own email list, except you reach a new group of people. You lean on the trust between the reader and the owner of the newsletter (halo effect) much like with being a guest on someone else's show.

Like the podcast swap/exchange we discussed last week, you can do the same with newsletters. You can also sponsor/advertise on other newsletters too.

Slack, Discord or Telegram

Does your company have a Slack channel? How about a Discord server? Do you have a community on Telegram? If so, these are wonderful places to market your podcast. People on Slack, Discord, and Telegram are usually engaged promoters of the business and brand, which makes them more likely to want to check out content you create and promote. Be sure to share your podcast with them and ask them to leave a review and to share it with one person they think would benefit from it.

Webinar or Live Streaming

If you host webinars or live streaming events, you can use the call to action to point people to your podcast. This can be especially helpful if you have a video podcast because people who view webinars and live streams are open to video content. Don't forget that you can repurpose webinar and live streaming recordings into podcast episodes. We discussed call to actions a few weeks ago (you can refer back to it here).

Social Media

This is often what comes to mind first when people think about marketing their podcast. I put it last because it tends to be the least effective method. Why? Three reasons.

  1. Social media platforms don't like outside links which take people off platform. When you add a link to a post or include it as part of the comments, it can limit the reach of your post.

  2. Only a small percentage of your followers will actually see your post.

  3. People may comment on the post, but often don't take the time to go to the episode. I have talked with podcast hosts who say they get a low ratio of downloads to post engagement or views. I have seen this with my podcasts first hand as I usually post a short video clip from the interview, making sure to include subtitles for those not using audio.

Yes, I still promote on social media, but I don't rely on it solely.

Now What?

Plan how to market your podcast prior to recording it. You don't have to use all of these methods, yet the most effective means of marketing occur when you stack more than one of them to promote your podcast.

How are you marketing your podcast? I would love to hear.




  • My go-to email platform is ConvertKit. It is easy to use. I set up my landing page for using ConvertKit as well as my email series. You can try a free 14-day trial of the Creator Pro plan and test out the features and series options by accessing this link.

  • is my go-to tool for recording audio and video for podcasts. I am a recent convert to Riverside, having used Zoom for three or four years previously. Since I started using it in May, I would be hard pressed to use anything else. I find it easy to use and it produces stellar audio and video quality, along with solid transcript and subtitle files to use. Use this link to check it out and you can try it for free.


Till next time!

Warning! Affiliate links may be lurking above ready to charge you nothing when you click them. 😁

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