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🎓Podcast GUEST 101: 🔨Nailing Interviews with PROACTIVE Preparation

Congratulations! You are going to be a guest on a podcast episode. Now what?

Don't leave the episode to chance. Make sure to do your own preparation to position yourself for success by researching the specific podcast.

Due diligence on the show will lower the unknowns and give you more peace of mind before they press record. Hopefully, the host has sent you details on what to expect during the conversation as well as who their audience is. It is not a deal breaker if they don't. It only means a little more work for you.

Remember, the reason you were invited to the show is because you have knowledge. How does what you know solve a problem for this specific audience? Keep that in mind as you answer questions.

For a specific podcast, research the following four questions. This is not an exhaustive list--feel free to add others--but it is a starting point that will provide a solid foundation for your interview. Remember, the fewer surprises the better. 😁

1. How long does the show usually last? Is it typically a 15 minute show or a 55 minute show or something else?

Don't let yourself be surprised. Look at the their website for their podcast or pull it up on Apple or Spotify and see what it typically runs. Assume the average duration also includes intros, outros, promos, and other fillers.

Knowing the show length helps you anticipate how long the conversation will be and how succinct you need to make your answers. Being long-winded on a short show limits what you can share, yet short answers for a longer format show makes for a challenging interview (I say this as a host who likes people to elaborate on their answers).

2. What type of introductory questions do they ask? Are they a "tell me about yourself" show or do they ask other types of opening questions?

The first question sets the stage for the show and most shows follow a similar pattern. Listen to the first part of two or three shows to see what it is like. Ideally the host will provide you a list of questions so that you know what to expect. Regardless, knowing what is possible for the first question will lower your nerves and let you get into the flow easier.

As an aside, have an answer for "tell me about yourself" in your back pocket just in case. Focus your answer on what you are doing today and how you help your customer get to their "happily ever after."

3. Do they have any recurring questions from show to show (ex. "we always ask these three questions to our guest before we finish" or "five lightning round questions at the end")?

I have noticed this with a few of the podcasts I listen to where they have these sets of questions at the end of the show. If the questions are the same each time, wonderful! Have something in mind to share when they ask. If not, that is okay too--at least you can expect the questions to occur.

The goal is not to have something memorized to recite. The goal is to have ideas to unfold and expand upon when asked the question.

4. Who are other guests that have been on the show? Do you know any of them?

If so, a DM or text asking about their experience on the show can give you another perspective. They can let you know what to expect and their own gleanings from the process. If you already know them, you will trust what they say.


Again, the reason you were invited to the show is because you have knowledge. How does what you know solve a problem for this specific audience? Keep that in mind as you answer questions.


Till next time!

P.S. If you only want to the do the interview and don't want to mess with all of the headaches of creating a podcast for your startup (scripting, recruiting, production, etc), my white glove podcasting will take care of all of it so you can focus on your business. Reach out if you would like to know more of what is possible.

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Published on my LinkedIn newsletter on August 25, 2023 and published through the Podcast Prep newsletter on August 15, 2023.

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