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🚀 Maximize Your Podcast Impact: Follow this Interview Blueprint! 🗺️

What you communicate with your guest before the interview shows your competence as a host while reducing uncertainty in what to expect.

These are the sections included in the document I email to each guest once a time has been scheduled. The first two sections vary with each guest while the last three remain the same.

I send this to the guest a few days to a week ahead of time (letting them know in earlier communication to expect it in this time frame) along with a link to where we will record.

Questions (we may or may not get to all of them)

This is the actual section heading used. This lists potential questions for our conversation based on my research.

Usually there are around 10 to 12 questions on the list with the last two being something like, “What one takeaway would you like to leave for the audience?” and “If our listeners want to know more about you or your work, where would you like them to go?”

The flow and questions vary depending on the guest. I also ask the guest for input (ex. What other questions would you like me to ask you or what stories would you like me to ask you about?)

My intro and the bio I will read for you (let me know of any changes you would like)

This is the real section heading that comes next. I include the my intro which I will read on air: “It is time for Build that podcast where we will discuss how you can use a podcast to grow your business and expand your influence. I'm your host, Eric Rutherford.”

I create their bio based on their website and social media pages. Once we are on the call but prior to recording, I read it to them to make sure it sounds okay and make adjustments based on their feedback.

Bonus tip: along with reading their bio aloud, I ask them how to pronounce their name. Names matter, so this shows their name matters to you.

The last three sections below are copy and pasted word-for-word from my guest prep document. This is sets the tone for the interview.


I want you to be able to promote your business. I will post links to both and anything else in the show notes and direct people there during our conversation.

  • I want you to have an enjoyable experience. If we need to stop and start a question or answer again, I am happy to do so.

  • I would like this to be conversational and low stress. I will follow the question list, but I don’t feel like we have to go through all of them. I will ask you to elaborate on answers at times, which may lead us to other questions.

  • Please share as many or as few stories as you would like. If you would like me to ask you about a specific story, please let me know.


  • I will do some light editing.

  • I will send you a copy of the mp3 of the interview itself along with a transcript. I will gladly provide the video copy to you as well.

Outline: 45-60 minutes

  1. 10-15 minutes to connect and for me to get a little background information so I can make sure to ask the question to best fit your business.

  2. 25-40 minutes for interview a. Short intro of guest b. Question and answer dialogue c. Call to action (where would you like people to go or what would you like them to do?) d. Thank you for coming on the show

  3. 1-3 minutes after on-air thank yous for the recording for a short rap up conversation.

You have my permission to use or modify this information in your podcast prep. If it helps you and your guests, please take it and run with it.

What would be other information I could include which would help the guest prepare for the conversation? Please email me or send me a DM and let me know what is missing.


Till next time!

P.S. If you just want to the do the interview and don't want to mess with all of the headaches of creating a podcast for your business (scripting, recruiting, production, etc), my white glove podcasting will take care of all of it so you can focus on your business. Reach out if you would like to know more of what is possible.

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Published on LinkedIn on July 28, 2023

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