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😎 From Bland to BRILLIANT: Transform Your PODCAST Beginning into a HOOK! 🎧

Have you ever started listening to a podcast and wondered, "why does this matter"? Or maybe you thought, "how is this applicable to the topic"?

Imagine with me--the host asks the guest "tell me about yourself." The guest then goes down a meandering path ranging from their favorite breakfast foods when they were eight years-old to how Twinkies and Yellow Dye #5 were the inspiration for their logo.

👉You know what I am talking about because you have listened to podcasts like this before. 😉

The first question sets the tone for the entire podcast both for your guest and for the listener.

Don't waste it.

Wes Kao nails the best starting point for any podcast in this article where she says, "Start your story right before you get eaten by the bear." She describes "backstory creep" where more and more of the mundane details of the backstory creep into the narrative until it is a tsunami of unnecessary information washing over the listener. Audiences zone out when it happens and it is hard to get them back.


Backstory can be helpful, yet not all backstory matters. As you research your guest, find something that stands out. Look for something they have not been asked before which relates to your audience.

This draws them in and engages both the guest and the audience.

If you use "tell me about yourself," give additional guidance to narrow the scope. Your guest and your audience will thank you. 😁


Till next time!

P.S. If you only want to the do the interview and don't want to mess with all of the headaches of creating a podcast for your business (scripting, recruiting, production, etc), my white glove podcasting will take care of all of it so you can focus on your business. Reach out if you would like to know more of what is possible.

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Published on my LinkedIn newsletter on August 18, 2023 and published through the Podcast Prep newsletter on August 8, 2023.

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