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😁 EASE Podcast TENSION Instantly

Podcast hosts and guests can have something in common with the best musical theatre performers. It doesn't even require a crazy amount of work. I know this first hand.

My family has been involved with musical theatre for several years now. Each of my three children have been in several performances and have also been involved in dance (ballet, jazz, tap).

Youth musicals and dance performances are fascinating to observe because of the different levels of engagement with the audience. Good performers know the dance steps and the dialog and can sing on key and in time. The best performers know the dance steps and the dialog and can sing on key and in time too, yet they do something which sets them apart. Any guesses as to what they do differently?

The best performers smile. They look happy to be there.

Smiling . . . really?

It's true. Smiling makes a huge difference physically. It releases endorphins, dopamine, and endorphins which make your body feel good and relaxes you. When you smile, people view you differently too--they consider you more sincere, more attractive, more reliable, and even more relaxed. For further reading and more details, you can check out this article.

And this matters in podcasting how?

Whether you are a host or a guest, smiling makes the conversation go smoother.

As a guest, smiling relaxes you and lets your answers be more fluid and conversational.

Your enjoyment will shine through to listeners who will never see a recording of your face--yet they will know. 😁 When the guest smiles, it makes it easier for the host to listen and ask follow up questions because it makes the host feel at ease.

As a host, smiling helps me to put my guest at ease because it is a stressful situation to be interviewed and recorded. It also helps me to not take my job too seriously because if I am too focused, I become self-conscious and struggle to ask questions and find ways to encourage the guest.

Before the episode . . .

Before you log onto the call, give yourself four or five minutes to relax. In that time, even if you don't feel like it, smile a bit. I don't mean like a maniacal Joker smile or a forced five minute smile (that would add stress, not remove it). Just a few seconds here or a few seconds there. Reflect on a funny story or funny situation. Read a few funny memes to get yourself in good mood. It will help.

Now What?

It's easy to take yourself too seriously during a podcast conversation. Smiling puts you at ease, your listeners at ease, and makes the conversation so much better if it's an interview. Remember, don't skimp on the smiles. 😎😁

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