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👂Convert Listeners to CUSTOMERS

Imagine--you are having a wonderful podcast interview. Engaging and endearing answers roll off your tongue in response to the host's questions. Fear and anxiety -- poof 💥-- vanish somewhere around the intro as you slide into a "flow" state where your comments and anecdotes land perfectly.

You reach the wrap-up as the host says, "if listeners would like to know more about you, where would you like them to go?" What do you say?

It's make or break time and most guests will let it slip away. Why is this moment so crucial?

Two Words: Peak Trust

It is likely they have listened to the host before, which means a level of trust has been built between the listener and the host. You gain the benefit of this trust by being on their show (proximity principle). The listener has also given you their attention for the duration of the podcast (hopefully) and have listened to you answer questions and engage with the host. Because you are a thoughtful and well spoken guest, you added another layer of trust to the connection with this listener.

What can you do in this pivotal moment?

Now is time for the pièce de résistance -- a direct link to a information-rich content piece to help the listener, preferably with a unique link. Make it simple for the listener to know where to go. No confusion, only clarity.

At the end of each episode of It’s Marketing’s Fault, I ask the guest the same question. “If people want to know more about you or your business, where would you like them to go?” Most hosts will ask something like this too. Your website and your social media platform of choice are usually what is shared. However, this can be the time to offer your call to action.

The easiest way to do this is to add a page to your homepage so that it looks like A more specific option would be to use the initials of the show after the /. For example, if the show name was "It's Marketing's Fault" (yes, it is shameless self-promotion😁) you could create the link . A third option would be to create a completely different URL from your main site.

What kind of content piece to offer?

For example, you can say, “I have a ____ for your listeners. They can find it at _____.” The second blank is the specific URL. The first blank is the specific piece of content that has value.

It could be something you use elsewhere for lead gen or it could be something you create specifically for promotion on the show. You could also use it specifically for podcast interviews for any show where you guest. You could repurpose it later in different ways. It could be a free video or email course, an ebook, information-rich PDF, a guide, a checklist, a list of resources--the options are limitless.

Plus, on the URL, you can give the information with or without an email address. There are pros and cons to both, but you do have the option to do either one.

You can also promote your newsletter when they go to the call to action site. Either as a separate signup or included with any email submission they provide.

Be creative. The call to action is another step for them to take to see if they want to do business with you. The good news is that they have already heard you on the podcast, which means they are much more interested than if they simply clicked on an ad.

Now what?

Come to the show with a call to action ready to go in advance. Don't leave this critical moment to chance.

In fact, few guests do this. Usually they send people to their website or primary social profile, which is fine. However, if you want to stand out from the competition, position yourself by providing extra benefits to the listener. You may gain a new customer because of it.


💥My Favorite Tools💥


  • Do you do any screen recording? I found something smoother and easier to use than Loom. It's called Tella. Multi-shot, screen-record, subtitles, and easy edits--can't beat it. Use this link and try it for 7 days free. If you sign up for a plan using this link, you get 30% off.


  • is my go-to tool for recording audio and video for podcasts. I am a recent convert to Riverside, having used Zoom for three or four years previously. Since I started using it in May, I would be hard pressed to use anything else. I find it easy to use and it produces stellar audio and video quality, along with solid transcript and subtitle files to use. Use this link to check it out and you can try it for free.


Till next time!

P.S. there may be affiliate links lurking above. Have no fear--they don't cost you anything and they help me pay for groceries.

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