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🔭 CAN People FIND Your PODCAST? 🗺️

Retail stores drive me crazy when they rearrange the items on their shelves. It's even worse when they shift whole aisles around so I wander around the store like a lost puppy, audibly lamenting the change and mentally cursing the person who authorized the shift.

The reason stores do this is so you will discover new items and expand your purchasing decisions. I personally think there is a bit of a masochistic bent in the instigators of these changes who must delight in our suffering, but I have been unable to prove it thus far. 😁

Making people hunt for items never made sense to me though. I think it is vital for people to find your content and your podcasts as easy as possible. Lets look at one simple way to help potential listeners find your podcast.

Your Content, Your Website

People will only listen to your podcast if they can find it. Podcast discoverability is notoriously bad through Apple and Spotify and only a little better through Google. This is why having your podcast as a tab on your business's website is critical.

Most podcast services allow you to embed code from the hosting service onto your website. I currently use Buzzsprout and they give you two options for players.


The first is a multiplayer option where you can embed the code for all your episodes in a single location. This is a screen shot of what it looks like through Buzzsprout.

I copy the embed code and add it to a tab on my website, which looks like this:

Now I can point all references and marketing of my podcast to my business website. It directs traffic to something I own and control and makes it easy for people to find. When people look at my website, they see podcast content via a podcast tab.

Single Player

Buzzsprout also provides a single episode player where you can create unique pages for each episode. From Buzzsprout's side, it looks like this:

I experimented with single pages in the past and will likely go back to them in the future. This allows you to create a unique URL for each episode, which means you can market episodes specifically. It takes more work to maintain your website, but it also provides more options for marketing and engagement.

Guesting on Episodes

If you don't host a podcast, you can still leverage something similar by creating a tab on your website or a section of one page to highlight podcasts where you have appeared along with a link to the episode. You can point people to your website to find these links, which helps with your brand recognition.

Now What?

If people cannot see that you have a podcast by looking at your homepage, now is the time to make the change. The good news is that it is an easy fix. If you guest on podcasts, make sure to have this as a link under your content section. Don't make people wonder if you have a podcast.

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Till next time!

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