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and Production


Spend less time on your podcast

and more time on your business

We help you remove the fear and uncertainty so you can make excellent podcast episodes.

Do you have an extra 15 to 20 HOURS a week?

Didn't think so.

But the reality is . . .

if you
create AND produce a podcast on your own, you will spend that amount of time per episode.

What goes into that 15 to 20 hours per episode?

  • Scheduling Interviews

  • Scripting the Episode

  • Research

  • Communication with Guests

  • Managing Audio & Video Files

  • Editing Audio & Video

  • Post-production on Audio & Video

  • Marketing the Episode

  • Creating Titles, Show Notes, and Summaries

  • Publishing Audio & Video Files

This doesn't include recording the episode

Too much on your own?

Here's two options:

1. Outsource editing and post-production

You script, schedule, and record.


Give us the recording files. We edit, produce, and hand you files which you publish and share.

2. Outsource everything

You show up to record. We handle everything else.


Adriana Tica,
Marketer, Solopreneur, and Author of the "Ideas to Power Your Future" Newsletter

I've rarely met such a thoughtful and dedicated podcast host. Eric took the time to dig deep into my content, my business, and my brand. He came up with insightful questions that were a pleasure to answer. Plus, the entire process is smooth: no technical glitches, no complicated platforms. The interview was so relaxed, fun, and interesting. I'm not a fan of being on camera but Eric's approach helped me relax and I completely forgot we were recording. Thank you for an amazing experience on It's Marketing's Fault!


Deb Coviello, The Drop-In CEO
Fractional Executive, Author, Host of the "Drop IN CEO" Podcast


I really enjoyed being a guest on your podcast. Every question absolutely benefited my brand. Yours is one of the best interviews I have had because each question set up my key talking points perfectly. And I'm delighted that you also shared both my single video as well as the combined, because I absolutely want to share it with a video editor and create some short soundbites to promote, what I stand for. Thank you for sharing it and the interview was amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity


Mike Phillips,
Founder of THE GYM Creator Community #marketingmuscle

Having being been a guest of Eric’s own podcast, I can confidently say his preparation is unmatched. I’ve been on a dozen episodes at various different shows — some brand new, and others long-running. Without exception and in every way, Eric’s preparation was the best pre-podcast experience I have ever had. Bar none.

It was the easiest experience I’ve had as a guest, yet also the most substantial. I had the best on-air experience thanks to the confidence I felt. In fact, I hadn’t realized the impact podcast prep could make until I experienced it done well. It actually changed how I perceived future appearances with shows that lacked that prep quality — Eric’s show stands apart from the crowd in my mind due to his prep process.

POdcast setup

We help design and launch your podcast

Episode Preparation

Research, script, and setup each episode for your podcast

Guest Coaching

Individual or group coaching to help you become a better podcast guest

Executive Content Package

We interview you, the subject expert, and create videos for your personal brand development

Get Rid of the Work. Enjoy the Benefits. 

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