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Episode 4: 

What are 3 Characteristics Unique to Podcasts?

What are three characteristics of unique to podcasts?


Number three may surprise you.

Episode Notes

0:42 - Characteristic #1 -  You don't have to be seated to use it

1:47 - Characteristic #2 - Intimacy and familiarity

2:49 - Characteristic #3 - You can take it with you anywhere regardless of connectivity

3:53 - Bonus (and most important) - You own the podcast


What are three characteristics of podcasts that other content does not have? Number three may surprise you.


It is time for Build that podcast where we will discuss how you can use a podcast to grow your business and expand your influence. I'm your host, Eric Rutherford.


Podcasts have three main characteristics, which make for incredibly powerful content for promoting your business.


Other content can do similar functions. But their unique combination within a podcast pushes them out in front in terms of value. As a bonus, I'm gonna throw in a fourth, and it's the most significant of them all.


Characteristic #1

Okay, here it goes. Characteristic number one, you don't have to be seated. This may sound weird. I know, but bear with me. The fact that you don't have to be seated to listen to a podcast means you can listen to it anywhere.


With email, you have to be sitting.  I'm a big fan of email. I think you should use your podcast to build your email list, but you have to be sitting to read email. With YouTube, sitting still is sort of a requirement too. I mean, granted, you can listen to YouTube while doing other things, but video  lends itself to watching With podcasts, people listen anywhere and everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.


I usually listen to podcasts while I run or when I'm driving in the car. I've listened to 'em while getting ready for work. I can't do that with other forms of content. You can listen to them while cooking, while commuting. And to paraphrase Dr. Seuss and his book, green Eggs and Ham, you can listen while on a plane, while on a train, while on a boat, while in the rain .You get the idea.


Characteristic #2

The first one, you don't have to be seated. Second characteristic is intimacy and familiarity. What do I mean by intimacy?


Your customers and potential customers get to hear your voice, they get to hear you talk about how to solve their problems, or they get to hear you talk with other people about a topic.


Over time, a familiarity develops, which does not happen through other mediums. They hear your personality, your

sense of humor, your sincerity,  the way you think of others. Lots of intangibles come through when people hear you talk with someone else or even share information on your own.


Can people gain intimacy and familiarity with you through social media? Not even close to what a podcast can create.


How about through your writing or through YouTube? Yes, but audio, it resonates differently.  Here's a recap characteristic number one, you don't have to be seated.


Characteristic number two, intimacy and familiarity.


Characteristic #3

Characteristic number three is you can take it with you.  What I mean is it's portable, meaning you download it and you can listen to it at your leisure, no matter if you have 5G or wifi available. This may not seem important until you're in the car trying to keep a cell signal, or you live in the country and don't have great internet. Have you tried to watch YouTube with a sketchy signal? Painful.


The ability for people to download it and listen at their convenience regardless of location is huge. Along with portability is the fact that podcasts have global reach.  I've looked at my podcast stats and seen listeners in Indonesia, Turkey, China, Brazil, and I live in Tennessee.


People can listen to podcasts anywhere. When you combine the ability to consume podcasts in a variety of settings, the intimacy and familiarity of an audible experience, portability. We have a powerful combination. But now let's jump into the fourth, which is a bonus, and when you add it, the value skyrocket.


Bonus Characteristic

The bonus characteristic is you own the recording.  This means YouTube can't take it away from you. This means Twitter or meta can't take it away from you. This means that TikTok can't take it away from you, or if the US government decides to ban TikTok and you're in the US, the US government can't take it away from you.


Yes, Apple and Spotify do have two thirds of the distribution of podcasts, but it's still, there's a long tail of distribution with the other one third, and you control it. That's the big thing. You control it. If you want to change podcast  hosting services, you can port it with you. You have that recording.


It is yours.  You don't have to be seated. You build familiarity and intimacy, portability and reach content ownership. All of these are huge.


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The link is in the show notes. Also, we'll be launching a course later this spring with more information to come. Lastly, if you have questions or comments, you can DM me on Twitter at @rfordej or email me at


Remember, use podcasts to grow your business and expand your influence. 

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